Aluminium Safety Platform Ladder (A-Type)

Designed for

One man operation with safety chain and guardrail


• Facilitate 3 Points Contact

• Ladder comes with handrail and guardrail

• 505 x 460mm Platform for safe working

• Ladder comes with Safety Chain

• Duty Rating of 200kg

• lngerd 6063 T5 with anodized coating

• Non Slip Gridding

• Foldable for easy storage and transportation

• Corrosion resistance

• Durable and Long Lasting

• Certified to BS EN 131

*Note: You must enter length.

Item Code No. of Steps Closed Height Bottom Step Width Weight Platform Height
AL-CAP-03 3 1820mm  630mm  14.5kg 750mm
AL-CAP-04 4 2080mm 650mm 16.0kg 1000mm
AL-CAP-05 5 2350mm 660mm 17.5kg 1260mm
AL-CAP-06 6 2560mm 680mm 19.0kg 1500mm
AL-CAP-07 7 2830mm 690mm 20.0kg 1730mm
AL-CAP-08 8 3050mm 710mm 22.0kg 1980mm
AL-CAP-09 9 3320mm 730mm 24.0kg 2260mm
AL-CAP-10 10 3580mm 750mm 26.5kg 2490mm
AL-CAP-11 11 3860mm 770mm 28.5kg 2750mm
AL-CAP-12 12 4100mm 790mm 30.0kg 3000mm
AL-CAP-13 13 4310mm 810mm 32.0kg 3180mm
AL-CAP-14 14 4600mm 830mm 34.0kg 3440mm
AL-CAP-15 15 4850mm 850mm 36.0kg 3690mm
AL-CAP-16 16 5100mm 880mm 38.0kg 3950mm