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Data sheet
Description 1 Description 2
G2.2: Internal Clearance 1656mm Tare Weight: 2325kg
G3.2: Internal Clearance 2656mm Tare Weight: 2800kg
G4.2: Internal Clearance 3656mm Tare Weight: 3275kg

Advantage and Features

- Save you more than one hour of crane time per week. Reduces construction timetable and schedule.

- The safest, fastest to install. Easy, simple and safe operations.

- The most effcient delivery system in the world.

- Move larger volumes to the floor level on pallets

- Ready in seconds

- Retractable push - pull and operate in seconds 

- Superior Safety

- Vertical stacking allows greater closure of the construction

- Get your load where and when you want it.

*Note: You must enter length.