60.5MM x 48.6MM Fixed Clamp

GH147 60.5mm x 48.6mm Fixed Clamp
GH148 60.5mm x 48.6mm Swivel Clamp
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Scaffolding Clamps

Scaffold Component: Grandhome scaffolding clamps are pivotal components within your scaffold system, facilitating the connection of scaffold tubes. They are instrumental in ensuring the stability and flexibility of your scaffolding structure.

Variety: Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise presents two types of these vital clamps, including the 60.5mm x 48.6mm Fixed Clamp and the 60.5mm x 48.6mm Fixed Swivel Clamp. This diverse range of clamps caters to the varied demands of our esteemed clients.

Material: Both fixed clamp and the fixed swivel clamp are crafted from durable steel.

Why Choose Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise Scaffolding Clamps?

Fixed Swivel Clamp Versatility: The fixed swivel clamp, also known as only a swivel clamp is a versatile tool in scaffold assembly. It excels at connecting scaffold tubes at any angle, offering flexibility for the entire scaffolding structure. Grandhome's fixed swivel clamp allows for customized angles, making it an adaptable choice for scaffold systems.

Secure Right-Angle Connections: In contrast, the fixed clamp is specifically designed for joining two metal tubes at a right angle. These fixed clamps from Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise are essential for securely connecting scaffold components, ensuring stability.

Enhanced Flexibility: The Grandhome fixed swivel clamp proves invaluable when adapting to challenging site conditions, such as uneven terrain or complex architectural designs, by providing a flexible and secure connection.

Ease of Installation: Grandhome scaffolding clamps are designed for straightforward installation, offering a simple and secure solution for joining scaffold components. This ease of use reduces assembly time and enhances efficiency.

Safety Assurance: Both the fixed swivel clamp and fixed clamp from Grandhome ensure the stability of your scaffold structure, reducing the risk of accidents, ensuring worker safety and safeguarding valuable materials.

GH147 60.5mm x 48.6mm Fixed Clamp
GH148 60.5mm x 48.6mm Swivel Clamp