7/8/9 Step Ladder

450mm x 1955mm
450mm x 1725mm
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Step Ladder

Material: Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise's step ladder is constructed from robust steel. Steel's inherent qualities of longevity and sturdiness make it the ideal material for crafting ladders that withstand any construction or industrial environment.

Sizes:Our step ladder comes in two convenient sizes to cater to different needs:

- 450mm x 1955mm
- 450mm x 1725mm

Use: A Grandhome step ladder can be used for various purposes or in different scenarios, but it is extremely crucial in scaffolding applications. These step ladders offer the flexibility to access elevated areas without compromising safety.

Why Choose a Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise Step Ladder?

Durable and Sturdy: Our step ladder is crafted from robust steel, ensuring longevity and sturdiness, making it the ideal choice for the demanding construction and industrial environments.

Variety of Sizes: We offer two different sizes to cater to various needs, ensuring that you find the right step ladder for your specific requirements.

High Load Capacity: One standout feature of our step ladders is their ability to bear substantial weight. The strong built and premium materials used in our step ladders can withstand a high amount of weight.

User-Friendly Design: Convenience is at the forefront of our step ladder's design. Its compact yet sturdy structure, along with features like slip-resistant steps and a secure handrail, enhances the efficiency and safety of your work process.

450mm x 1955mm
450mm x 1725mm